NetBSD 7.1.1 released (December 22, 2017) now available as this BSD operating system

NetBSD 7.1.1 released (December 22, 2017)

The first point release to NetBSD 7.1 is now available as this BSD operating system ends out 2017


The NetBSD Project is pleased to announce NetBSD 7.1.1, the first security/critical update of the NetBSD 7.1 release branch. It represents a selected subset of fixes deemed important for security or stability reasons.

Complete source and binaries for NetBSD 7.1.1 are available for download at many sites around the world. A list of download sites providing FTP, AnonCVS, SUP, and other services may be found at We encourage users who wish to install via ISO or USB disk images to download via BitTorrent by using the torrent files supplied in the images area. A list of hashes for the NetBSD 7.1.1 distribution has been signed with the well-connected PGP key for the NetBSD Security Officer:

NetBSD is free. All of the code is under non-restrictive licenses, and may be used without paying royalties to anyone. Free support services are available via our mailing lists and website. Commercial support is available from a variety of sources. More extensive information on NetBSD is available from our website:

Changes Between 7.1 and 7.1.1

Below is an abbreviated list of changes in this release. The complete list can be found in the CHANGES-7.1.1 file in the top level directory of the NetBSD 7.1.1 release tree.

Security Advisory Fixes

The following security advisories were fixed:

Note: Advisories prior to NetBSD-SA2017-004 do not affect NetBSD 7.1.1.

Userland changes

  • dhcrelay(8): Fix bug that prevented proper operation when run in the background.
  • Heimdal:
    • Update to 7.1.
    • Fix CVE-2017-11103.
  • mtree(8): Don’t modify strings stored in hash, otherwise filling up of directory hierarchy stops if the same hash value occurs in directory and leaf.
  • ping(8): Fix cksum calculation for clearing the cached route.
  • resize_ffs(8): Fix numerous overflow errors which can lead to superblock corruption on large filesystems.
  • rtadvd(8): Fix the default value of rltime. PR bin/51994.
  • Update BIND to 9.10.5-P2.
  • Update expat to 2.2.1.
  • Update ntp to 4.2.8p10.
  • Update root.cache to 2017102400.
  • Update tzdata to 2017c.
  • vi(1): Don’t garble display when when resizing nvi in xterm.
  • virecover(8): Fix vulnerabilities in the handling of recovery files.
  • wpa_supplicant/hostapd:
    • Update to 2.6.
    • Apply fixes for CVEs 2017-13077 through 2017-13082 and CVEs 2017-13086 through 2017-13088.
  • X: Apply fixes for CVEs 2017-12176 through 2017-12187, 2017-10971, 2017-10972, 2017-13722, 2017-13720, 2017-16611, and 2017-16612.

Kernel changes

  • altq(4):
    • Fix info leak in get_class_stats().
    • Fix signedness bug in wfq_getstats().
  • Avoid integer overflow in kern_malloc().
  • bwi(4): wrong error checking in bwi_newbuf() can cause an mbuf to declare an mbuf length that is too big.
  • cgd(4): Avoid crashes by checking if a cgd device has been configured before processing most ioctls, and failing with ENXIO if the device is not configured.
  • compat_ibcs2:
    • Fix info leak in ibcs2_sys_ioctl.
    • Fix out of bound read and endless loop in exec_ibcs2_coff_prep_zmagic().
    • Potenial use of expired pointers in ibcs2_sys_statfs()/ibcs2_sys_statvfs().
  • ciss(4):
    • Fix out of bound read in ciss_ioctl_vol().
    • Fix signedness bug in ciss_ioctl().
  • compat_linux: missing cred check in linux_sys_settimeofday().
  • compat_svr4:
    • Check bounds in svr4_sys_putmsg.
    • Check more svr4_strmcmd bounds.
    • Fix some holes in svr4 streams.
    • Fix indexing of svr4 signals.
    • Improve reference counting.
    • Zero stack data before copyout.
  • dm9000: Missing mbuf cluster allocation error checking in dme_alloc_receive_buffer().
  • et(4): Missing mbuf cluster allocation error checking in et_newbuf().
  • evbmips: Make Malta work on real hardware again.
  • Fix file descriptor locking bug that caused Go to crash the kernel.
  • Fix info leak in ktruser() if copyin fails.
  • Fix mixer device bounds checks in auconv, ac97, and azalia.
  • Fix incorrect setting of O_NONBLOCK and potentially other flags in cloning devices from uninitialized garbage.
  • Fix numerous kernel memory leaks.
  • Fix out of bound read in getcwd_scandir().
  • Fix panic in compat getdents triggered by puffs userland.
  • Fix panic when unloading swsensor module.
  • i82596: Fix double free in iee_init()/iee_stop().
  • ipfilter: Fix use after free issues and resulting panic.
  • ipw(4): Fix double free in ipw_dma_alloc().
  • ipfilter: Disconnect maintaining fragment state from keeping session state. The user now must specify keep frags along with keep state to have ipfilter do what it did before, as documented in ipf.conf.5.
  • isp(4): Unvalidated channel index in ISP_FC_GETDLIST case of ispioctl() can cause out of bound read.
  • lua(4): Fix kernel crash when memory allocation fails. PR kern/52225.
  • netsmb: Fix out of bound reads in smb_usr_vc2spec and smb_usr_t2request.
  • Provide EVFILT_WRITE for the sake of Go.
  • sparc64: compat_13_machdep.c: Fix bug where userland could set PSTATE_PRIV in %pstate and get kernel privileges on the hardware.
  • ural(4): Free the RX list if ural_alloc_rx_list fails part way through.
  • vnd(4): int overflows / truncation issues in vndioctl can cause memory corruption.
  • wm(4): Fix panic on shutdown. PR kern/52039.
  • x86:
    • Properly mask mxcsr to prevent faults.
    • Handle #SS faults on iret properly.
    • amd64: Fix a ring0 escalation vulnerability in compat_linux32 where the index of %cs is controlled by userland, making it easy to trigger the page fault and get kernel privileges.
    • i386: Use %ss instead of %ds in trap06.
    • i386: Disable VM86 in GENERIC.


    The details on these security NetBSD 7.1.1 can be found via the release notes.

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